How my life would be in 2030

1st November 2030

I’d be 25 years old, living in my 3 room apartment in San Francisco.

I wake up, tap my head 2 times which changes my TV into a window.

Looking at where the iconic Golden Gate Bridge once used to be, I step into a chamber which undresses me, cleans my body thoroughly and dresses me up with fresh clothes, all in just a minute while I watch people going through the San Francisco – Marin County Ice Bridge, which is used by standing on a raised and enclosed  platform that houses a person at a time, on a long strip of ice with water on top of it, with water coming out of pumps behind it which push the platform at a great speed, completing the one-mile journey in just under 10 seconds, with one platform arriving at the departure point every time it drops someone off at the arrival point, through a travellator type of system in which it actually goes through the bottom of the strip, thus creating a cycle.

I press a button which makes a sandwich while I wait for the person shooter to arrive at my floor, to go from the 62nd floor to the parking of the building the sandwich gets cooked in that time, using radiation 100 times stronger than your typical microwave, while still being safe, to cook the food.

I strap myself in, while devouring the sandwich, as I get to the parking using the person shooter, which relies on one basic principle, magnetism.

I get to my hovercraft, which is a car-like structure that hovers above the ground, using the magnetic roads. I tap my big toe to the sole of my shows to register my toeprint to unlock the hovercraft, step inside, reply “Googleplex” to the inbuilt assistant’s “Where to?” and strap myself in while brewing up some coffee, and enjoy a book.

After 10 minutes, I get notified that I’ve arrived at my destination; I step out onto the Googleplex Ice Strip and go through to my desk, tapped my finger on the fingerprint scanner embedded into my watch, which brought up a hologramic screen with the blueprints of Google’s new phone which I was heading the design of, I had to perfect a few minor issues with the design to make it final for the next team meeting scheduled for 3 hours after that.

I started tinkering with the modular parts, trying to figure out ways to improve it.

By the end of 3 hours, I had completed and almost perfected it.

After a seemingly normal day of work, I stepped back into the hovercraft, turned the couch into a bed which could be used for a nap and headed towards home.

Copy of San Fran Traffic






30 minutes after we had arrived, I woke up, went back to my apartment, and stepped back into the chamber to change into my night suit.

Went towards my room, lied down on the bed, tucked myself in by pressing a button, and tapped my head twice again.

The TV switched off itself when it detected I’d slept.

Now to wake up tomorrow for my 26th Birthday

Picture Credits – MKBHD

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