Nexa Experience

Nexa experience

On 7th Feb, when I came back from my Sariska Astroport trip, my father took me to Auto Expo 2016 directly from my school. He had to write a blog on Nexa by Maruti Suzuki. Here’s my experience.

We went inside the Auto Expo and the person who called my father gave us the tickets for entry. We went inside with him and another person came and explained us about Nexa. It is India’s first premium car company. When you enter the Nexa showroom, before showing you the car they show you a 360 degree view on an iPad. They basically pamper the customers. There are also lounges in the Nexa showroom for VIPs and people who have any Nexa car. They give you free snacks and drinks if you are permitted entry into the lounge. There are only two Nexa cars yet, S-cross and Baleno. We went inside the Maruti Suzuki stall and in front of us was the main room. It had a big stage covering half the room. There were Gaming TVs which had Car racing games in it parallel to the stage. Next to it were luxury items, like metal bookmarks, Nexa watches and belts being sold. Next to it was the Nexa Lounge for Auto Expo 2016. We were permitted entry as my father had to write a blog on it. We sat down on a table and we were given a menu card. We ordered Kebabs with Yoghurt, Lamb kebabs, Paneer sautéed with vegetables and Olive chicken stickies with two Cokes. The food came in 5 minutes and it was very tasty. While going out, we were given a Nexa calendar and a brochure with all the Maruti Suzuki cars’ specifications in it. When we went outside the lounge, there was a band on the stage. We stayed there for 5 minutes and then went back home. It was a very nice experience.

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