A summer workshop on Gurbani

This summer from 15 May to 26 May, There was a workshop on Gurbani being held every Monday, Wednesday and Friday in Punjabi Bagh Gurudwara.

The day before the first session, A T-Shirt was delivered to us which had the word ‘Gurbani’ written on it in Punjabi.

Initially, What I thought was that they would teach us how to sing holy hymns.

Day 1

When I reached the venue, I got a folder which had that days ‘Kirtan’ or Hymn in it.

While we were waiting for some children who hadn’t reached yet, I glanced at it.

The title was ‘My Guru’, There were 3 paragraphs, they were essentially the same but in 3 different languages, Punjabi, Hindi and English respectively.

After 5 minutes, we started the session, First we were told a story about how there was a bunch of crows who were told by the king of the crows, not to eat food from a net as there would be a hunter around who would catch them.

They all sang about it, telling others not to eat from a net, but one day when the hunter came, They all went to eat the food while still singing about how they do not have to eat the food, what it signified was that we shouldn’t just memorize things if we do not know the meaning,

It is useless until we implement it.

We first sang the hymn and then were told the meaning of each line one by one.

We discussed how there is god in all of us, we shouldn’t speak bad to one another, how we understand what/who is good and what is bad, and more topics along the line of that.

Day 2

We were given another sheet, which had the topic ‘Who Am I’.

We discussed about, who really we are, how we are defined and we should always do good deeds, personality development, etc.

Then we played a game where we were randomly divided into teams of 4 and we were given 2 sheets of paper and had to tell how many planes we could make with those 2 sheets in 3 minutes, almost every team except two, said 4, one said 6 and another one said 2.

We divided the 2 sheets into 2 parts each and everyone took a part and made a paper plane, when asked everybody said they could have made more in the time, with this we were taught not to underestimate ourselves.

We were also taught how to work with limited resources by being given just 2 sheets of paper.

Then we were all supposed to choose anyone from our team who would go forward.

We didn’t know at the time that the one we send would be flying a plane we made, so we sent the smallest kid in our team.

This signified trust on others in your team.

Day 3

The topic was ‘Succes/Luck’

We discussed on how What you sow is what you reap, and everything that has happened to me, good or bad, is because of me doing something equally good/bad earlier.

Day 4

The topic was ‘addiction’.

We talked on how addiction for almost anything is bad and everything should be used in a controlled way.

Day 5

I was absent this day as it was a cousin’s birthday, so I can’t tell you anything about this day.

Day 6

First we revised what we had learnt in the last session, which I did not understand because I wasn’t present then.

The last topic was relationships, how important it is to be in a good friend circle.

Then certificates were distributed, Everyone got a participation certificate.

Overall, it was a really nice and philosophical experience.



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