9 Tech channels to watch on YouTube

Here is a quick list of some YouTube channels to follow, if you are a techie like me -:

  1. Austin Evans – His videos are usually short and straightforward and full of positive vibes, covers all the important features about the Good, the Bad and the Ugly in Technology.

Austin Evans

  • Marques Brownlee – Otherwise known as MKBHD, makes great videos on everything new in tech, which are usually full of all the specs and are fun to watch.

Marques Brownlee

  • Unbox Therapy – He usually tries out different things like special edition phones and weird tech.

Unbox Therapy

  • C4ETech – The person who runs the channel is Indian, thus providing a different point of view, the channel is relatively small but growing fast, everything new in India usually comes here first.


  • GadgetsToUse – It is a channel that is almost entirely in Hindi, thus it’s more convenient to view, usually does video on the new technology fads instead of new hardware.


  • iGyaan – Another channel based in India, usually makes lists for cool tech under a specific price point and phone reviews.


  • Jonathon Morrison – Is more or less, the same like MKBHD, but a complete different view.

Jonathon Morrison

  • EverythingApplePro – usually makes videos on apple products, as the name implies, but sometimes other tech too.


  • PhoneBuff – makes videos on drop tests and speed tests on just about every phone.


That’s it for this list, hope you enjoy these channels!



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