Coding classes in School

About a month ago, we were given a trial class of Scratch 2, a beginners coding software, in our school, and were told that we would learn to make games like Jetpack Joyride in scratch. I already knew basic scratch and some of the advanced things but they told us we would learn a completely new level.

Excited for it, I paid the money and joined the classes, there were supposed to be 8 classes, 2 per week and each class would be for 2 hours after school.

On the day of the first class, me and my other classmates who had registered for it went to the junior computer lab after eating a bit.

We were first given a small introduction of scratch and were told we would make a shooting game where we could move horizontally and shoot bullets vertically; I could easily make that one and was in fact the first one to complete it. It was fun and i thought we would make another advanced game in the next class.

Next week, we made a game where we had to manoeuvre a car on a circular racing track and pass through hurdles

In the next class, we had to make apple drop where we had to move a bowl, catch the good apples and the game would be over if we caught a rotten apple. It was confusing and I needed some help to completely configure it. But once done, it was fun to play.

We also made a game in which was like a classic platformer with 6 levels.

In the next class, we made a snake game where we had to collect food and if the snake touched its tail the game would stop.

Then finally, there was our test in which we had to make our own game and were told the one who made the best game would get a special certificate, I made a game which was like brickbreaker but had another paddle instead of the bricks(one paddle on top and one on bottom).

When the class ended, they told us they were going to give the certificate to the one who makes the best game in level 2.

I was kind of disappointed because they told us we were going to make jetpack joyride but we didn’t; also because they said they would give a certificate to the one who makes the best game but they didn’t do so, But it was fun anyway


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