Science Of Stupid


Science of Stupid is my favourite TV Show. It is aired on National Geographic Channel and hosted by Manish Paul. It showcases the potential to embarrass, injure and humiliate oneself while doing some simple tasks like walking on stilts, swinging or just playing golf.  They also show the science behind it, how to do it properly and how some people who didn’t about it have done it. It tells you about things like Newton’s laws of motion, angular momentum, etc which if would have  been told to you in an actual physics lesson you would have dozed off! There are about 15 episodes and I have watched all of them.

My favourite one is the one in which they show the science behind shooting guns, weightlifting.

About shooting guns, they show you how a gun’s recoil which is the force which is exerted on the shooter’s shoulder can injure you greatly. When the shooter pulls the trigger, it has an opposite and equal reaction i.e. sudden jerk on the shooter’s shoulder.


This depicts Newton’s second law of motion which says,”Every Action has an Equal and Opposite Reaction.”


In second part, when the power lifter lifts a heavy weight i.e. a weight of more than 20 kgs and doesn’t inhale and exhale constantly while lifting the weight, then his abdomen is compressed because of the force exerted on the power lifter’s heart. Some of the symptoms of this are Puking and Fainting.

It is an awesome show and everyone should watch it.

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