A session on Space

In this school year, a company namely Space-India had organized a Space club for classes 6th and 7th in our school.

I paid the money for participating in the club the day after I got the form. Many of my good friends were also taking part in this club.

There were three positions in the club, Events Head, Creative Head and club Head. I was named the Creative Head for the year for our club which included 2 classes from 7th and 2 classes from 6th


Our first session happened 3 months after we paid the money. It was on “Journey on the Beam of Light”. They told us exactly how much time it would take us to reach different parts of the universe like Proxima Centauri, Orion Nebula, etc. from the Sun.

Our 2nd session happened on 22.Aug.2015 (today).

It collided with my PTM, so my father went and talked to the teachers about me while I was in our school auditorium for the session.

Today was our ‘Comets and Asteroids’ session.

They told us about what a comet consisted of, famous comet missions, comets, comet hunters, comet craters, difference of a comet from meteors and asteroids.

And in the end we made a meteor by mixing mud, Liquid Ammonia, Water, Dry Ice and another black liquid which I don’t know what it is called. We mixed all of them together and gave it shape.

Then we got our I-cards for the Club and A Telescope each.

Then I went to my class to meet my father and then we went home. I checked the Telescope.

Then I came home and started writing this blog which you are reading right now.



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