My first Experience of Keralotsavam


On 17.Sep.2013, Tuesday, I, papa and 80 other members of Eatlo, went to Keralotsavam, Kerala House, Jantar Mantar Road. It is a special annual Onam Feast where there are 28 eatables, including Rasam, Payassam, Banana chips, Jaggery Kheer, Dal, Chawal, Saambhar, Ghee, Paapad, a Banana,  etc, all served on a banana leaf. An  aunty was sitting right next to me. She told me about everything that was kept on the leaf. She even gave me her banana. There was even a man dressed as MahaBali. Then I, papa, Anuradha didi and Shashank bhaiya went to Shadipur Slums. I saw how people live and work in slums. There was one small school or tuition every 200 meters. It was a Wonderful Experience for me.


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