A Different World-Safari World


safari worldOn 5th June 2014, I, Mamma, Papa, Gurbani and Nani went to Safari World, Bangkok by taxi. It has two parks – Safari Park and Marine Park. We took a package for both of the parks for 1200 THB (2400 INR) per adult and 1000 THB (2000 INR) per child. In Safari Park, they take you on a safari in a bus in a very big park or a very small jungle. There are many animals and birds such as Painted Stork, Pelicans, Giraffes, Sambar Deer, Spotted Deer and Wildebeest. The Painted Storks were very beautiful. There were boards everywhere saying “Please stay in your car” And “Animals have their right of way.”  After that there were two automatic iron doors installed for the safety of the people and animals as there was the lion-tiger zone ahead. First we saw many lions. There were 4-5 lionesses and 2-3 lions. After that there were many tigers, about 10-15 of them. Two tigers were sleeping on the ground, one tiger was hugging the other one but the other one moved away from the first tiger. After that were two more gates which signified the end of the lion-tiger zone. Then there was a peacock with its wings fully open. After that there were many Canadian Bears, some were even in water and there were some Buffaloes also.

It was an amazing experience.

After that we went to Marine Park. We had already missed the Elephant Show, Sea Lion Show, Orangutan Show and Cowboy Stunt Show because they were in the morning and we reached there in the afternoon.

When we entered Marine Park, it was about time for the Dolphin show. When we reached the place where the Dolphin Show was to be held, there were very less people and then many people started to come. About 200 school children had also come for a picnic. For around thirty minutes Thai and Hindi Songs were played and everyone danced, especially the school children.

Then the Dolphin Show started. Three people with a bucket of  fishes each to give to the dolphins were standing on the edge of the semi-circle shaped water tank. Three Dolphins came out from two underwater gates and one Dolphin was allotted to each person. Then the dolphins passed through hoops, did races, jumped very high, wore huge sunglasses and hats, turned their body backwards 180o and carried a ball between their fins, kissed their trainers on the cheeks and even their trainers stood on the back of the dolphins and did a whole round of the tank. After that the three people went to the backside to relax and three other people came. Now two Dolphins were allotted to each person. All the six Dolphins jumped at the same time and for the same height. The Dolphin Show was awesome.

After twenty minutes was the Spy War Show. Till that time, we went to the crocodile watching terrace. There were about 20-30 crocodiles. Ten minutes were still left so we watched some Orangutans.


When we reached the place of the Spy War Show, there were boards everywhere on which it was written “Caution: Laser Hazard” and “Caution: Radiation Hazard.”  Then the show started. The best parts of the show were

  • One man is hanged on a board and smoke comes and the man’s body changes into a skeleton.
  • A lady shoots bullets with a gun at a barrel of oil and some parts of the artificial lake which had been made for the show catches fire.
  • A bomb is thrown on a helicopter and the helicopter burns.

I and Gurbani clicked photos with a man who has been dressed as a robot and Papa clicked photos with the main actor in the show. The Spy War Show was the best thing in the whole Safari World.

The next and the last show was Bird Show which was after half an hour. In the way, there were many birds in very big cages. I also saw a tiger which was very big and very close to me. There I even saw a Python, which is the longest snake. It was the first time I saw a snake in real.

In the Bird Show, the birds were singing songs, taking a 500 THB note out of a boy’s hand, dancing, spelling the words of different animals, making the voices of different animals and even playing the keyboard. My sister, Gurbani liked the Bird Show the best.


After that we went to feed Giraffes with two baskets of bananas at the Giraffe Feeding Terrace. There were over three hundred giraffes. It was the world’s largest herd of giraffes. I and Gurbani had very much fun in feeding the giraffes.

The Overall experience was Super-Awesome with a capital S and a capital A.

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